As a forward focused company, Tilley Group Ltd is constantly evolving and looking to the future.  A significant part of that strategy is to always be looking at reinvesting in new technology that will help them continue to deliver the strong quality and service they pride themselves on and that their customers have come to expect.

The Industry 4.0 revolution means a significant change for how factories are set up and the way companies function by making full use of smart functionality and connected systems.  Tilley is embracing that challenge by looking for new solutions that improve their processes to both meet the challenges and seize the new opportunities that this change will bring.

The key to any industrial progress and organisational development, is looking for products from companies that inspire trust. Bystronic stands out for their strong reputation for building reliable, fully featured products as well as having a solid background of industrial knowledge and experience.  Their wholly owned subsidiary servicing the Australasian region, meant easy, clear and reliable communication which was invaluable to Tilleys.  Interacting directly with Bystronic has helped foster a high degree of confidence and trust in the company’s products and service, and in turn created a strong working relationship. Their dedicated New Zealand service base means prompt, valuable support for a wide range of after sales service.  This includes installation, training, maintenance, trouble shooting & repair as well as local phone support (including after hours) and a service team of factory trained engineers.

One of the most attractive aspects of Bystronic’s range of machines, is their powerful suite of software packages.  The comprehensively featured but easy-to-use BySoft system in particular makes creating and monitoring processes simpler, faster and more efficient than ever before.  Peace of mind comes from the online functionality enabling both the monitoring of the machine as well as enabling the latest updates for its software to be downloaded immediately upon availability.  Should any issues possibly arise, they are promptly detected and addressed which minimises downtime.

Bystronic designs its machines for the emerging demands of Industry 4.0.  This means that as Tilley Group migrates towards greater automation, there is confidence in the knowledge that these machines are capable of adapting to those needs and ensuring that they will have a long, productive and relevant lifespan.

After installation of Bystronics Xpert 100 Series Pressbrake, Tilley quickly began to see first-hand the value it brought to their company.  Due to its intelligent design, the intuitive controls meant bringing operators up to speed was incredibly easy.  Improvements to work-flow were quickly noticed thanks to the process optimisation the operating system delivers, and the connected network solutions allowing systems within the company to communicate with each other lead to noticeably reduced lead times.

The high quality design of the machine meant that Tilleys could not only improve their folding capabilities but it also ensures that their focus on consistent quality is attained faster and easier than before.  This in turn leads to a noticeable drop in wastage of time and materials.

This article is republished from New Zealand EngineeringNews

September 2019.