Ensuring your barbecue facilities are ready for the peak holiday season is crucial as summer approaches. Assessing the condition of your barbecues will guarantee the best cooking experience for your residents and visitors. Christie Barbecues sets the benchmark for public cooking facilities, and Tilley Group is proud to be the New Zealand distributor for the popular Christie range. Here are some important considerations for getting your barbecues summer-ready.

Access for all

Ensure your pathways and barbecue facilities are accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users and elderly visitors. Cooktops and cabinets should provide universal access to both seated and standing users. Accessible options like our A Series and ICON cabinets offer Disability Discrimination Act-compliant designs for safe and convenient use by all.

Hygiene and food safety

A clean barbecue provides an enjoyable cooking experience, promotes better food hygiene, and reduces the risk of health-related issues.

Warped and corroded hotplates may have cold areas that can harbour bacteria, posing food hygiene and health risks. Worn-out hotplates can also increase cooking times and use more energy. Ideally, hotplates should have a sterilisation cycle to ensure optimal food safety. Regular deep cleaning with non-toxic everyday cleaning products or enzyme-based cleaners will encourage the use of your barbecues.

Use stainless steel or other food-safe benchtops, as tiles may harbour dirt and bacteria. Regularly clean the cabinet interior and empty the grease and waste containers. Make sure to clean the cabinets to maintain their appeal. Regular cleaning of stainless steel will remove deposits that cause superficial corrosion, known as tea staining.

Proactive maintenance

Regular inspections of your cooktops, including temperature readings, will ensure optimum operation and extend their design life. Replace any damaged components immediately. Please get in touch with our Support team for a complimentary technical inspection checklist.

Repair or replace

Operating and maintaining barbecues beyond their design life can be expensive. Moreover, finding spare parts for discontinued components can be challenging.

Consider upgrading to the latest energy-saving technology that may be more cost-effective than repairing older assets. Contact our Support team and quote the serial number of your cooktop. We will interrogate the service and spare parts history and advise you of the best action to save you money in the long term.


Barbecue facilities sited in the open will use more energy and require more cleaning and maintenance. Locating barbecue facilities in the open may reduce their popularity and overall use.

Install barbecues underneath a shelter wherever possible to reduce sun and rain exposure for users and limit the barbecue’s exposure to the elements. Alternatively, consider installing a hood or lid for your barbecue.

The Australian summer is rightly famous for sunny weather and outdoor barbecues. A well-maintained outdoor cooking facility attracts users to public and private parks. Cristie barbecue will provide you with the latest energy-saving technology, a superior user barbecue experience, and unbeatable value for money.

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