As New Zealand distributors of Christie Barbecue, Tilley Group provide technical service support, parts back-up and technical information to customers and service technicians.  We can assist you in resolving service, maintenance and warranty issues with speed and ease.

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Best practice public barbecue maintenance

We recommend servicing your Christie appliances annually at a minimum to ensure their continued safe, energy-efficient operation.
Regular servicing by a qualified person is crucial for continued safe and optimum product performance.  

  1. Have all wiring checked regularly by a qualified tradesperson.
  2. Use a surface probe to ensure that recommended hotplate temperature is still achieved.
  3. Remove or turn off defective and underperforming barbecues until repairs can be completed.
  4. Use only genuine Christie parts to service your Christie barbecue.
  5. Check the cooktop condition, including hot surface labels, fascia legibility, and start button condition.
  6. Check the product operation, including the hotplate surface sterilisation and timed cooking cycles.

Increase the frequency of cleaning schedules to mitigate risk and provide a satisfactory user experience.

  1. Use only PH-neutral cleaning compounds to clean your barbecues. Caustic (alkaline or acid) materials may leave a poisonous residue on the cooking surface and degrade sensitive electronic components over time.
  2. Waste containers should be checked and emptied more often during peak use periods.

Well-maintained Christie community barbecues will provide many years of reliable, efficient operation and create memorable user experiences.