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Built-In Barbecue Kit Systems:

  • Open Bench Kit:
    While most barbecue structures have doors, you may want a more streamlined aesthetic for your outdoor kitchen. However, leaving the underside of a cooktop exposed is a safety hazard.  Christie Open Bench Kits enclose the under-bench components and provide an integrated waste container. The benchtop is not part of the Open Bench Kit, giving you the flexibility to design your unique benchtop shape from non-combustible materials.  Open Bench Kits must be used undercover to prevent water from overflowing the waste container. Alternatively, use a Christie Barbecue Hood to avoid water ingress.  Click here to find out more
  • Brickwork Bench Kit:
    The Brickwork Bench Kits are a construction template for building a barbecue structure using standard bricks. You can also use them with other construction materials.  Brickwork Bench Kits include access doors and a durable, hygienic stainless steel benchtop for food preparation. They provide a fast, simple, and inexpensive way to create a built-in barbecue.  Available in Standard and Large sizes, you can configure your ideal combination of cooktops, sinks, or extra stainless-steel bench space for hygienic food preparation.  Click here to find out more

Associated Product Range:
CC2 Cooktop

Christie manufactures the original, iconic Australian public barbecue. Their energy-efficient gas and electric commercial barbecues are designed specifically for use by the community in outdoor urban and park environments, since 1965.  To view their entire product range, visit

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