Product Code:
OMOS s16.2 dual recycle bin

Part of the Omos range of street furniture, the s16.2 Dual Recycling Bin is made by joining a pair of s16.2 Litter Bins side by side.  3 and 4mm s355 steel, hot dipped galvanised throughout. Powder coated finish on panels. Front opening with concealed stainless steel hinge and slam latch.

Standard size:
Width 1160mm
Height 1222mm
Depth 386mm
Capacity 120L x2

Choice of decals.  Finished in any standard powder coat colour.

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Product Range:
Omos s16.2 Litter Bin

All Omos products are manufactured by Tilley Group here in New Zealand.  To view the entire Omos range of Recycling Bins, visit