A revolution in bike rack design, modern street furniture and tactical urbanism, the Ruru was conceived from the ground up to accommodate the variety of sizes and shapes of modern e-bikes while also creating safe and secure functionality as well as a modern aesthetic perfect for any location.  Laser cut 6.0mm Mild Steel, Hot Dip Galvanised finish and with an elegant high density polyethylene or optional stylish marine grade plywood head that helps protect bikes from damage.  The Ruru Bike Rack is manufactured by Tilley Group here in New Zealand.

Standard size:
Width 650mm
Height 750mm

Parking Spaces:
Each standard parking space is located between two fins for extra protection and stability.  A 3-space rack, for example, will feature 4 laser cut fins.

Free standing or surface mount options.  Optional standard powder coat colour.  Custom Signage.  High density polyethylene or Marine grade plywood head.  Number of standard parking spaces can be customised.  Can be configured with all fins pointing the same direction (Config A), or alternating (Config B)

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Product Range:
Ruru Scooter Rack