Tilley Group recently completed manufacture of two of our new Tilley Cycle Shelters for local Wellington sites. The shelter is a fantastic way to create an attractive cycle hub to support local cycling initiatives. Constructed from high strength steel and Aluminium, these shelters are robust and perfect in any environment, and combined with our 2-Tier Cycle Rack give Wellingtonians a fantastic way to safely store their bikes.

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Built for Wellington City Council, the shelters have double-tier racks inside and have been constructed in a way that means they could be shifted to another location in future, if for instance there was a more urgent need for them elsewhere or decisions were made to upgrade to a more permanent shelter.

They are purpose-built but similar in size to a shipping container, which makes them easily transportable.

The first of the new shelters – which each have parking for 24 bikes – was trucked and lifted into position adjacent to the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre in Kilbirnie on Friday 30 June.

Project manager Guillaume Bennani says asphalt ramps are being added once the racks are in to make them easier to use.

Like the Grey Street rack in the central city, which was imported from the Netherlands and installed in 2019, the upper racks pull out and down.

Recreation Facilities Manager Mathew Bialy says it’s great to be able to provide more bike parking at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre.

“The existing bike hoops are often full and overflowing. This additional bike parking will help us provide for the demand and allow even more people to ride their bike to the pool or Kilbirnie Park.

“Oriental Parade is already busy with pedestrians, runners, scooters, skaters and people riding bikes. Having a good bike parking solution at Freyberg Pool and Freyberg Beach and play area that didn’t obstruct any of this activity was important.”

Tilley Group managing director Rory Bremner says over the past few years, the company has developed a versatile product made largely from marine-grade aluminium which is suited to New Zealand’s coastal environment.

“It’s cheaper to make structures like these here in Wellington, they can be produced and installed without long lead-in times, and it’s better for the environment if they don’t have to be shipped from one side of the world to the other.”

“Producing them here also has advantages for our local economy and means we can be more adaptive to the needs of local councils, organisations and other clients.

“It’s a wonderful phenomenon – spending locally creates so much more value.”

In addition to these two shelters, Tilleys has produced similar ones for Hutt Hospital, Wellington Hospital and The Paddington, an apartment complex in Te Aro.

Tilley Group Ltd was established in 1921. It was founded by Arthur Ernest Tilley (Ernie), who migrated to New Zealand from Tasmania, and is still partially owned by members of the Tilley family.

Article sourced from https://wellington.govt.nz/news-and-events/news-and-information/our-wellington/2023/07/new-style-bike-shelters-for-park-and-pool-goers